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Thank you for wanting to become affiliated with us! You can choose between Top Affiliate or Affiliate. Our Top Affiliates are in the sidebar below Westlife’s Twitter feed, visible on every page of this website and our other Affiliates are listed on the Affiliate page. You can choose if you want to become affiliated as a Top Affiliate or an Affiliate. Top Affiliates are being accepted for sites that will be linking us back in every page of the site, like when you put us up in your sidebar which is visible on every page and next to every post (which is where our Top Affiliates are). ‘Affiliates’ are linked on my Affiliate page only, accessible by clicking MORE below our Top Affiliates.

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What is the use of affiliation or link swapping?

Link building tactic whereby one page includes a link to another page in exchange for that page doing the same for the first page, with the aim of improving its ranking, given the importance that Google places on incoming links.

In order for reciprocal links to be effective, it is important that they are in a highly-visible place, such as the home page, and that the websites have a similar subject-matter, among other factors. It is also important that the source website should have greater authority and that the links should be added on a gradual basis.

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