Kian Egan recalls being carried out of Wayne Rooney’s wedding

The Westlife Star told Jonathan Ross all about his wild night at Wayne Rooney’s wedding and it is absolutely gas.

Wayne’s wife Coleen booked Westlife to perform at the wedding as a surprise for Wayne, who is a big fan.

Kian said, “It was actually Coleen who booked us for Wayne as a surprise. We thought it was the other way around – we thought Coleen might be the fan.

“He came up and sang with us. He kind of rapped it. It was only a small wedding, I think there were 70 people at it. It was the smallest gig we ever did but it was fun.”

After performing the lads stayed around for a few drinks, imagine partying with Westlife at your wedding!

Although the night didn’t end too smoothly for Kian…

“I definitely got a bit carried away. We started having a few drinks and before you know it you’re at the bar doing shots with one of Wayne’s cousins or something like that,” he said.

“I remember being carried out by our security and going back up to our dressing room in the hotel and vomiting into the bathtub!” he added.

Yikes! Sounds like a very fun night though.

Westlife are gearing up to perform two shows in the Aviva next summer, they recently told VIP the secret to their success after all these years;

“In any relationship, you have your ups and downs. But what has worked well, for us, I think was the break we had in 2012 for seven years.

“We all adopt these different things. And then the reunion you know, we also have to come back and give one more shot. And I think, since when you do something like this, since we’re 19, you love it. We’ve enjoyed every part, we’ve had ups and downs.

“We’ve had records that have done really well we’ve had, you know, some that haven’t done so well. And one of the big things was our family…and our children now coming through to see their daddy’s on stage. All those little nuggets and things that have happened through the years, I think have bought us really close together as much allies and friends and family in that respect.

“So that’s a special part, but then you’re always trying to make the next song better. You’re always trying to make the next album better. Obviously, the pandemic prove difficult for us, like everyone. We made an album from home with a mobile studio that travels around, which was interesting so that was obviously coming out in November.

“And it’s just all those little things that keep you keep going, like anything you’ve got to kind of dig deep and find new ways to make things special all the time.”

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