Kian shares some more pictures from Barbados

Kian has shared some more gorgeous pictures from his romatic, five-star night away with his wife Jodi Albert to Barbados. He took to his Instagram yesterday to share some videos and pictures from their trip away.

The couple are staying in the five star resort Sandals Barbados and Jodi gave a tour of their bedroom.

In the hotel room, there is a large double bed and out on the balcony there is a pool and their room over looks the pool.

The Hollyoaks actress captioned the video saying: “Cheeky little night away.”

Next she revealed that she had filled up the outdoor tub and she said: “Love a bubble bath on a balcony!”

Kian and Jodi then went out for a romantic meal in the hotel and the singer was sporting a black and white shirt while the English actress wore a black top.

They then went for a couple’s massage together and Jodi shared a gorgeous picture of herself in a robe before she got the massage.

She captioned the picture saying: “Spa time… I literally cannot remember the last time I had a massage.”

The singer’s wife Jodi Albert has been sharing some snaps from their trip away.

The Hollyoaks star took to her Instagram to share some sweet snaps of the Westlife singer and their three sons – Koa, Zeke and Cobi.

The first picture was of Kian with their son Zeke giving him a hug while he wore a simple white shirt.

Next, she posted a picture of herself and her three sons while she was wearing a gorgeous light blue patterned dress.

She shared videos of her kids having a blast while they were away as well as them out for food.

Jodi captioned the post simply saying: “Happy Saturday.”

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