Nicky Byrne sparks friendly rivalry with Ronan Keating

Westlife’s Nicky Byrne sparks friendly rivalry with Boyzone’s Ronan Keating as he spots local shop putting bands head to head.

Nicky teased the former Boyzone singer online as he spotted tip jars in a local cafe making fans choose between the two iconic Irish bands.

Friendly rivalry

He sparked some friendly rivalry with Boyzone’s Ronan Keating and Keith Duffy online as he spotted a local coffee shop putting the Irish bands head to head.

The World of Our Own singer was enjoying a bank holiday trip out for a coffee when he came across two tip jars sitting side by side on a counter – one labelled “Boyzone” and the other with “Westlife” etched on the side.

A note on top said: “Choose wisely. Vote below”.


Documenting the funny find on Instagram, the Dublin born singer turned TV and radio presenter told his fans: “Interesting ‘tip jar’ in @coffeeworkseire today!,” before tagging Boyzone’s front man and fellow Dubliner Ronan Keating in the post.

The RTE star also filmed himself putting some coins into the “Westlife” jar, adding: “I had to support my own!”

Ronan commented: “Ahhh you’ve changed. I remember when BZ was your number one”.

His former bandmate Keith Duffy also jumped in on the teasing, and wrote: “Ah giz a few bob Nicky”.

Irish football legend Robbie Keane was amongst other friends and fans to weigh in on messing, and teased Nicky saying: “Ronan would have given a bigger tip just saying”.

Nicky replied: “Be careful they had Messi v Ronaldo yesterday, you could find yourself up against Shearer!”

Meanwhile, fans joined in on the debate, with many left struggling to make a choice between the two Irish bands.

One wrote: “Can’t chooseeee. I love you both!”

Another said: “Boyzone was my first ever concert, but Westlife all the way”.

Source: Irish Mirror

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