Nicky causes a stir in Ma Brady’s, Dundalk |9-5-22|

Westlife star Nicky Byrne created quite a stir when he popped into Ma Brady’s for a take-away coffee when he was passing through Dundalk on

Mark joining cast The Secret Garden musical |9-5-22|

Mark joining cast The Secret Garden musical - The Secret Garden musical to be staged at The London Palladium Mark Feehily, Alex Thomas-Smith, Emma Williams, Maiya

Westlife’s famous key change |9-5-22|

Westlife's famous key change. It wouldn't be a Westlife concert without four perfectly-placed stools on a stage, and one hell of a key change. We

Happy Birthday Kian! |29-Apr-22|

Today it's Kian's birthday! Kian was born on April 29, 1980. Below is Westlife's tweet Wishing our very own @KianEganWL a happy birthday today! 🎉

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Nicky Byrne Reveals How Louis Walsh Almost Killed Westlife

Mar 6, 20221372 min read

From november 21, for those who missed it On The Jonathan Ross Show (nov. 21), Nicky Byrne from Westlife explained that when the guys were just starting out, Louis offered…

Westlife back to work

Mar 6, 20221541 min read

Breaking news: Westlife are back to work, and rehearsing! Posted on their Twitter account on March 6.

Alone Together facts

Mar 1, 2022842 min read

“Alone Together” has reached 248.7K total views, 13.3K likes, and 0 dislikes on YouTube.The song has been submitted on 04/02/2022 and spent weeks on the charts. The original name of…

Westlife ‘surprised’ the band have such a strong fan base after all these years

Feb 23, 20221113 min read

Westlife singer Mark Feehily said he is amazed the band’s fanbase is still there after all these years. The group broke the hearts of fans around the globe when they…

Westlife wrote ‘upbeat’ new single with team behind Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande hits

Feb 22, 20221493 min read

Westlife have teamed up with the team behind some of the music world’s biggest hits for their new upbeat anthem. The legendary boy band’s latest single, Alone Together, was co-written…

Masked Singer’s Mark Feehily set for huge new role after being ‘robbed’ in final

Feb 20, 2022912 min read

Westlife star Mark Feehily is set for a huge new role in a musical after he was ‘robbed’ of winning the ITV singing competition. The Masked Singer’s Mark Feehily -…

Westlife reveal their secret to working so well together after 23 years

Feb 18, 2022972 min read

Think about your fave bands, how many of them are still together? Westlife are an example of the few bands who have found the perfect recipe to find success, take…

Masked Singer’s Mark Feehily forced to lie to Westlife about being Robobunny

Feb 17, 20221172 min read

Mark Feehily has confessed he lied to his Westlife bandmates about being on The Masked Singer after he finished third as Robobunny in Saturday’s final. With clues about Mark living…

Being Robobunny gave me new confidence

Feb 14, 2022833 min read

He was revealed to be Robobunny as he took third place in Saturday’s final. And, Westlife singer Mark Feehily, 41, has admitted that taking part in The Masked Singer gave him…

Nicky Byrne and The Coronas singers join forces for Eurovision 2022 glory with ‘banger’ song

Feb 4, 2022854 min read

The tune has already been labelled ‘a banger’ and marks Nicky Byrne’s second bid in the competition. Westlife’s Nicky Byrne has joined forces with The Coronas’ Danny O’Reilly and All…

Shane Filan smashes extremely impressive personal goal

Jan 2, 2022992 min read

We’ve all set ourselves some goals and New Year’s resolutions for 2022 but if you need some extra inspiration to get started on yours, then look no further than Shane…

Shane Filan says he has never been ‘prouder’ to be a member of Westlife

Dec 26, 2021893 min read

After 23 years as a pop idol, Shane Filan looks to the future and says: “I feel prouder being in Westlife now than when I was 21 or 22.” The…

Westlife’s Kian Egan lifts the lid on the ‘bad blood’ with Brian McFadden

Nov 29, 20211005 min read

Westlife’s Kian Egan has lifted the lid on the “bad blood” with Brian McFadden after he left the group over his dislike of their music – but continues to sing…

Westlife’s Nicky Byrne recalls hometown’s reaction to early success: ‘Everyone in the pub thinks “Look at that f***ing idiot!”‘

Nov 27, 2021733 min read

Westlife’s Nicky Byrne has recalled the ‘craziness of the band’s early days of success, and to say it was a bit of a rollercoaster would be an understatement. First formed…

Westlife’s kids set for fame too as they set up their own ‘band’

Nov 23, 20211152 min read

Following in their father’s footsteps, it looks like Westlife’s children may be shooting to fame just as their dads did, as the band have revealed that their offsprings have set…

Kian Egan recalls being carried out of Wayne Rooney’s wedding

Nov 21, 2021963 min read

The Westlife Star told Jonathan Ross all about his wild night at Wayne Rooney’s wedding and it is absolutely gas. Wayne’s wife Coleen booked Westlife to perform at the wedding…

Westlife unveil latest single ‘My Hero’

Nov 5, 2021711 min read

Westlife have released their new single My Hero. The group will release their 12th album ‘Wild Dreams’ later this month and, after debuting the new turn during Thursday’s Pride of Britain Awards broadcast,…

Nicky Byrne reveals heart-wrenching experiences Westlife recalled to write songs for upcoming album Wild Dreams

Oct 15, 2021924 min read

Nicky Byrne has revealed the emotional experiences he and his Westlife bandmates have drawn on to write their new album Wild Dreams. The group announced the release of their first disc…

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