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Going solo after Westlife was ‘daunting’

2018: Shane Filan has opened up about working as a solo artist.

The singer performed as part of Westlife for a hugely successful 14 years, but has since gone on to perform on his own.

Speaking about going it alone, the Sligo man explained that it didn’t take long for him to adapt to solo touring as the support from fans really helped.

“No it didn’t. It was a daunting experience, and something I wasn’t used to. When you’re on your own and see your name on the tickets, and the doors, and catering, and all that craic, it’s a bit weird. It takes a bit of getting used to.

“But the support I have had in the past five years from the fans has been incredible. They keep coming back, and seeing the shows. Hopefully I’m delivering a great show to them every night. I really can’t complain.”


When asked what advice he’d give if he was starting out now, he said: “I’ve never really thought about it, you know.”

“The touring side has been really good. This is the third album and the third tour. It’s a lot of fun. At the start, I was probably a bit more apprehensive about it all, a bit more nervous. Coming out of a band like Westlife and starting out on your own is definitely a bit daunting.

“Maybe I would say to relax a little bit more,” he told Ticketmaster.

“The first night of the first tour was very scary, but after that I really enjoyed it. There’s nothing really much that I’d change. It’s progressed nicely every year. We’ve got it down to a fine art now, with the amount of gigs and tours we’ve done. I just really enjoy it.”


2013: You and Me

You and Me is the debut solo album by Irish singer-songwriter Shane Filan. It was released via Capitol Records on 1 November 2013 in Ireland. The album was preceded by the release of his debut single “Everything to Me” which peaked at number 14 on the UK Singles Chart on the week of release. The album’s second single, “About You”, co-written by long-term collaborators Steve Mac and Wayne Hector, was released on 1 November 2013. “Knee Deep in My Heart” was released as the third and final single on 29 November 2013. The song “Baby Let’s Dance” was released as promotional single on 4 October 2013. The album reached No. 6 in the UK.


  • 1. Everything To Me
  • 2. About You
  • 3. All You Need To Know
  • 4. Knee Deep In My Heart
  • 5. One Of These Days
  • 6. Evertime
  • 7. Always Tomorrow
  • 8. When I Met You
  • 9. Everything’s Gonna Be Alright
  • 10. Coming Home
  • 11. Baby Lets Dance
  • 12. In The End
  • 13. You And Me

2015: Right Here

Right Here is the second studio album by Irish singer-songwriter Shane Filan. The album was released on 25 September 2015 by East West Records. The album reached number one in Ireland. “Me and the Moon” was released as the album’s first single on 10 August 2015. Filan has said of the song; “What I love about it is that it has a universal meaning. It’s about losing someone you love, but it could be that you’ve lost a relationship, or someone has died, or you could be miles away from your loved ones on the other side of the world. I can really relate to it in that sense.”


  • 1. Me & The Moon
  • 2. I Could Be
  • 3. Right Here
  • 4. Beautiful to Me
  • 5. Your Love Carries Me
  • 6. Better Off a Fool
  • 7. Worst Kind of Love
  • 8. I Can’t Get Over You
  • 9. Effortlessly You
  • 10. All My Love

2017: Love Always

Love Always is the third solo album by Irish singer-songwriter Shane Filan, as a follow-up to Right Here (2015), through Ocean Wave Records. It was released worldwide on 25 August 2017, with a release in Asia following on 15 September. The deluxe edition was released on 4 May 2018. The album features Filan’s favorite all-time love ballads, such as the Bangles’ “Eternal Flame”, Bob Dylan’s “Make You Feel My Love” and Bryan Adams’ “Heaven”, along with some fans suggestions. He also wrote three original songs, in collaboration with Paul Barry and Patrick Mascall, who previously worked together on his debut album You and Me.

The album peaked at number three in Scotland, and number five in Ireland and United Kingdom, making it Filan’s highest charting solo album in UK. The album’s lead single, Jamie Scott’s “Unbreakable” was released on 21 July 2017, along with the music video. Followed by its second single “Back to You” for the release of the deluxe edition of the album on 4 May 2018 in UK and Ireland. Third single, “Beautiful in White”, was released on 6 July 2018 for the promotion of release of Love Always: Asia Deluxe Edition which was first released on Spotify all on the same day.


  • 1. This I Promise You
  • 2. Don’t Dream It’s Over
  • 3. Make You Feel My Love
  • 4. Beautiful in White
  • 5. Need You Now
  • 6. Heaven
  • 7. Completely
  • 8. Unbreakable
  • 9. Eyes Don’t Lie
  • 10. I Can’t Make You Love Me
  • 11. Crazy Over You
  • 12. Eternal Flame

2018: Love Always – De Luxe


  • 13. Need You Now (Feat. Anggun)
  • 14. Back to You
  • 15. Girl in My Heart
  • 16. Heaven
  • 17. I Can’t Make You Love Me
  • 18. This I Promise You
  • 19. You Raise Me Up
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